About Us

We live in the digital age, and there is a variety of things you can accomplish
with digital technology. Technology is avast field and it comes with many
possibilities. Consider becoming a part of the development of this technology.
All of this is possible if you master the abilities required to develop technology
solutions for various applications.

Our Company

We are an EdTech company that focuses on preparing job seekers globally to be eligible and employable (job-ready) in the Information Technology (IT) field using premium skills such as Salesforce. We dedicatedly provide Salesforce training as it is a booming CRM technology which is a great alternative to building a career.

Founded in 2015, Premium Learnings has trained highly skilled and technically proficient Salesforce professionals all over India. We are proud of training people with career and educational gaps and making them employable for brand name companies. We believe our successfully trained professionals represent our success and help us have a strong foothold in the training industry.

Our Training

We have trained more than 25000 students, who improved their skills and broadened the opportunity of getting a well-paid IT sector job. Our ever-increasing success stories surely prove it. With highly accessible training and professional guidance, we have made a name for ourselves in the training field. We implement unique teaching methods for better understanding. We use doodles, sketches and visual storytelling which helps students in visual, kinaesthetic and semantic learning. This leads to the overall development of our students and makes them ideal candidates for the IT field.

Our emphasis on case studies, project-based learning, and constant practice reinforces faster learning and our students can retrieve and retain information for a long time. Our founder— Mr Sudhanshu Jain, holds frequent career coaching meetings which are also led by him. These meetings are meant for solving students’ doubts about the IT field and their careers so that they can have a clear idea about what they need to do to achieve their career goals.

Our Placements

Our students have been placed in renowned companies like Accenture, Capgemini, Eternus, Aetherus, Spar Solutions and Venerate to name a few. Our approach to training involves excellent content quality, a captivating delivery style and an emphasis on rigorous practice which has been proven to be useful for our students in cracking technical interviews.

Our training modules also include

  • We focus on soft skills and interview training as IT job aspirants need to have good communication skills along with technical proficiency.
  • We also provide access to the doubt community; it can help students communicate with other students while discussing and finding solutions for their doubts.
  • We provide one year of access to recruitment assistance. If the students follow all the training modules and guidance then they will be completely ready for placements or can be able to find jobs on their own.
  • Students can study all year as we provide one year of access to our online course. Students can access the course at any time within one year in case of doubts or need for revision.
  • With its rapid development and enormous response from students everywhere, Premium Learning Systems is thriving over time. PLS is a reliable and high-quality resource for gaining knowledge and insight to help you stand firmly and aim high in the ever-changing IT world.